Thanks to all you Class of 2012ers who came along and made our Prom dreams come true! We are keeping this page up for now so people can download their Official Prom Photos. Also check our facebook group for tagged photos putting names to faces / stalking.

Also, we kinda like the manifesto so keeping it for now:


1. Everything we learned about PROM was from movies, books & TV. Being British, to us the PROM is both utterly foreign and, as it’s an American institution, totally familiar.

2. We have learned many lessons about PROM from popular culture, chief amongst them being that if we had had the option to go to a real PROM as young’uns we almost certainly would not have gone, as we would have been both too SQUARE to cope with the social pressures of PROMdom and too HIP to wanna get involved in a big ole’ popularity contest steeped in the history of heteronormative oppression.

3. However, despite our reservations about what PROM can signify, we still think that movies and TV and the questionable, fictional glamour of our notion of American High School make the whole PROM thing seem pretty goddamn awesome.

4. We don’t want to go to PROM. We want to go to PROM in the movies. Unskinny Bop PROM is a PROM of the movies.

In order to make sure that our PROM is a NON-CONFORMING, NON-NORMATIVE type of celebration, we are proposing the following guidelines:

  • Dressing up can be the best fun ever, but being forced into formalwear when you are in any way differently bodied or gendered, or generally just awkward, can feel like a living nightmare. Plus, fancy clothes can be expensive. So, we say, as always with U-Bop events, COME AS YOU ARE. A powder blue tux or a puffy pink party dress in your wardrobe? Fabulous. Want to come in jeans and a tee? Swell. For those of you who want to dress up but can’t find the time, cash or motivation we shall provide a selection of accessories on the night.
  • Think you need to have a date to go to the prom? Well, we don’t. Having people you love around you is awesome, but being squeezed into a rigid gender binary and selling out your friends to hang off the arm of a quarterback all night is, like, totally uncool (thank you Romy & Michelle). Come on your own, come with friends, come with the object/s of your desire, come with chaperones, family, former arch-enemies or WHOEVER. If you want to come alone but are feeling shy, get in touch and we will hook you up with some new PROM pals.
  • We shall not be crowning a King & Queen. Popularity contests make losers out of all of us in the end. We are all winners at PROM. There may however be options to get drenched in ‘blood’ and/or win a pretty umbrella.
  • The punch is only spiked if you want it to be.

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