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Here at Bop HQ we have been from the start and remain in love with pop music. From the sublime to the ridiculous, our hearts belong to the popular song. This new page is not exactly a playlist more of a musical manifesto, each month including some of our current obsessions new and old to get you in the mood for The Bop and/or provide a soundtrack for post-Bop comedown. Not all the music we like is deemed “Boppable” so some of the stuff on these lists will be more laid back / deathly depressing than you would normally hear in our discos, but hopefully you will enjoy them on here nonetheless. Current playlists will be published regularly. Enjoy!


August 2014. Tamsin Bop writes:

So I just finished this book, Adam by Ariel Schrag. I squealed when I read the back cover blurb, chuckled all the way through it and was left with a feeling so euphoric on finishing that while wandering around the living room in my pants making various exhortations of pleasure, I bashed my foot on the leg of the living room pouff and fractured my little toe.

I mention this because it’s the second time in less than a week that I’ve had this feeling – a jouissance in response to culture, experienced as an ephemeral joining-together; a rare, spiking moment when something happening in the outside world starts filling my lungs and pressing down on my ribcage. My teenage self (which I do not define as the self I was as a teenager) is familiar with this emotion more typically in relation to depressive texts I have engaged with on a solitary basis – let us say for example the recorded music of the Smiths; and it is only in my adult life – let us say for example Ladyfest London 2002 – that I have experienced this explosive extension of self, others and culture as an overwhelming, synaesthesising joy.

Last weekend I went to Indietracks for the first time. I avoid festivals and all outdoor crowd-based gatherings as much as possible but decided to break my ban for this year’s Indietracks because of the line-up. In the space of a few hours on Saturday afternoon I saw Slum of Legs, the Blue Minkies and Joanna Gruesome play. I managed to also catch the end of Manhattan Love Suicides, peering through the window into the packed room where they were playing. Those handful of hours were like an extended dream of pleasure. I am going to skip over all the other highlights of the weekend – the incredible megalolz, love and fun we had hanging out with old friends; when I spoke to No Ditching in the manner of a convention fangirl; when we saw a boy we didn’t know wearing a Bop t-shirt and he told us Tori Amos had complimented it when he’d met her; when we had a song dedicated to us from the stage; or that the weather was nice and the toilets were made of bricks and never had queues or ran out of paper; or that we accidentally gave one of the Flatmates a lift from the Premier Inn to the festival; the smell of the steam train which takes you from the car park to the festival site, an outdoor railway museum; that I figured out how to make the warm beer cold; or that I didn’t smoke.

All of those things made a perfect weekend even more perfect. But they are not what gave me the feeling that I am trying to describe now.

Slum of Legs. Women, I don’t know how many, at the pulpit of a tiny hot church, their analogue keyboards and guitars and violin and drums and stylophone and microphones each a lightning rod to the daemons of the queer punk avant-garde. I have never seen crude poetic energy channelled with such naive beauty as in that twenty minutes in the tin church, and I have seen more than enough queer punk avant-garde performances than I care to tolerate. (I like tunes.) MORE transwomen taking centre stage, more lyrical feminist polemic in the punk scene, more melodic cacophonous dirge PLEASE NOW.

Slum of Legs – Benetint and Malevolence (live at Indietracks 2014)

The Blue Minkies it’s hard to write about cos they are my friends. They were my friends in London before we had our now-friends; then they all moved away and now they are BACK temporarily for a summer of reunion shows. No question about getting there early, pegging it from Slum of Legs via the toilet and bar, quick so we can make sure to be in the front row. Watching them again for the first time in ten years was pure sense memory, not gleaned from headphone time with songs taped from the vinyl as much as from show after show after show, pint in hand, grin on face, denim rat-tails trailing from the hems of jeans, their threads sodden with beer and trapped under somebody else’s foot. Long-forgotten lyrics, chord progressions, riffs popping into my head a second before they were due, grinning wider, hopping up and down, trying to contain the moment. Sheer glee at the surprises in the set, which I won’t spoiler here. And such immense pleasure at their reception, the room filling and filling as they played, including many people who’d never had the pleasure before, who clapped and cheered and clapped and cheered.

Blue Minkies – I Don’t Like You, Why Do You Like Me (live at Ladyfest London 2002)

Blue Minkies – Clean Love (live at Indietracks 2014)

Then, fifteen minutes later, just time for a quick dash to the loo and back to the front, Joanna Gruesome. Until I googled them after this gig I didn’t even know what any of their names were or what they looked like, though I’d been addicted to the album since the beginning of this year. Seeing them live for the first time I had high expectations, yet this show was like being pickled in a jar of ecstasy. I don’t remember time passing, I don’t remember thinking anything but being carried along by the melodies and the vision before me, five young people, unlikely geniuses, melodies beyond compare, the punching noise, controlled beauty. Guitar strings broke; during the pauses in the rapture I stared at their clothes, their arms, their skin, waiting patiently for the heavenly harmonies to start up again. I would happily wait for hours. I still don’t really know what any of the lyrics are or what any of it means. All I know is I have not known rhapsody like it for years. Some guy came on to do a duet and it sounded like tears of honey. The singer Alanna had actual tears in her eyes by the end and so did I.

Joanna Gruesome – Tugboat

Joanna Gruesome & Dean Wareham – Tugboat (live at Indietracks 2014)

It took many hours to come down from this trio of amazing shows, a sustained sonic and emotional revelation. We decided we would always go to Indietracks from now on. We pledged to meet our friends there once a year every year for the rest of our lives. Then we came back home, the reeling feeling gradually disappearing.

Then I read Adam, and as I read, the feeling came back and back, cresting and peaking long after I finished. Because, when you exist outside the mainstream – in all of the meaningful aspects of existence – the feeling of having your emotional and cultural touchstones presented right back at you is still so rare – when you live in a bubble, but once in a while you have an experience perhaps outside the bubble but which presents your bubble right back to you in a new, different way. With Adam, it’s seeing our “alternative” lesbian>queer>trans* urban community satirised with such fondness, perspicacity and challenge that sent me delirious with joy. With those bands I saw at Indietracks (and I’m sure it would be the same for others who were there, maybe with different bands, or on a different occasion), it’s experiencing a harmonic rush, in which pop, feminism, love, beauty, strangeness, nostalgia all coalesce together, and you’re experiencing it WITH a bunch of people who are more or less in the same shoes as you, binding you together collectively if only for a moment, faces shining. It’s compulsive and it’s fleeting and I love it, beyond actual possible words I can put together. Long may it (sporadically) continue.

Joanna Gruesome – Secret Surprise (LP version)


We are privileged to be hosting the final Blue Minkies reunion show of the summer this coming Saturday 30th August. Please come synaesthesise with me.


May 2014
Currently eating: the Miami Slice burger from Byron – there are CRISPS in this burger. No words.
Currently wearing: cut offs! SUNSHINE
Currently watching: the Good Wife season 5 – WOAH
The Blue Minkies – I Don’t like You (Why Do You Like Me?)

Shambolic, lo-fi, pound-shop pop. The Minkies are my dream band. This video was filmed at Ladyfest London in 2002, the same event which spawned Unskinny Bop. I miss the old days, but YES MATE the Minkies are reforming for some gigs this summer! If you agree with me that shouty girls berating shit boys is one of the most vital tropes of popular music, do not miss them!
Primetime – Tied Down
i want your body not your mind
No youtube for this which is why I haven’t posted it before but fuck it, three months on and I am still obsessed with this song which kind of reminded me of the Blue Minkies, and Shrag too. More shouty girls goading shit boys for you!
Peach Kelli Pop = Do The Eggroll
do the cheesecake, i wanna eat some

Another of my favourite musical tropes EVER is songs with lyrics naming dances, and urging you to do those dances or bragging about their own abilities to do them. So many greats in this ‘genre’, e.g. Land of 1000 Dances by Wilson Pickett, Nobody But Me by the Human Beinz, Rilo Kiley’s The Frug etc. etc. ANYWAY this is one of those and it is awesome. There is also a Japanese version if you like that kinda thing.
Toni Braxton – He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me
don’t you forget I had him first

Early 00s R&B classic, amazingly evil lyrics, flawless production and your trusty Toni vocal (Nina Simone in the club). I love this song, so much. We tend to play Unbreak My Heart more at the club (the gay mix, obv) but this has the edge for me. Love pop songs lyrically comprised of one woman addressing another, the “he” in this song is so totally not even the point.

The Popguns – Waiting For The Winter
i am bitter, to the bone

Tamsin and I are going to IndieTracks this year, our first music festival in over ten years (!!!). The reason we are breaking our crowd-fearing, bed-requiring ban on our generation’s favourite type of organised fun is for The Blue Minkies, and The Popguns. One of teenage Tamsin Bop’s most formative bands – when we first met she was still wearing her classic-early-90s ripped up long sleeved baggy Popguns tee, awwwww. I think this might have been on one of the early mixtapes she made for me too. Anyway, this one is classic break up song, in that desperate, forlorn, angry kinda way that is somehow so satisfying to listen to.
tUnE- yArDs – Water Fountain
you’ll sledge the hammer if there is no one else to take the flak

There’s a lot on this month’s list which speaks to a divergence in the Bop Household – this one is all me (Rudy) as Tamsin inexplicably detests tune yards despite the amazing gayness of the whole enterprise and the complicated-but-catchy musical vibe. Anyways, yay Merrill is back and I love it. I have never seen her play so if anyone wants to take me to see her do write in.
The Dum Dum Girls – Rimbaud Eyes
o waves, sail in your wake

This is the other one which Family Bop is in disagreement about. I love this whole album, it reminds me of early Bangles, slightly wistful guitar pop with kinda shit but enjoyable lyrics. Anyway this one made us giggle as we couldn’t figure out what the hell they were saying when we first heard it and Tamsin thought is was “bimbo eyes”! Also now I think about it sounds a bit like an indie version of Belinda Carslisle’s (We Want) The Same Thing – WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE TB?????
The Bangles – Going Down to Liverpool
where you going with that ub40 in your hand?

The Dum Dum girls album prompted me to go on a Bangles binge. They were one of my earliest musical loves, and I remember when I was about 10 I went through a phase of falling asleep to the A side of Different Light (on cassette). I still love this. Also, I am in actual fact going to Liverpool next week on a secret adventure so seems appropriate.
That’s all for this month, see you on the dancefloor kids!

Rudy, May 2014
April 2014

We are late with this month’s mixtape EEK but hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Zombina and the Skeletones – The Negative Zone / Tonight There Will Be No Survivors
won’t somebody come and slay me please

Zombina & The Skeletones embody the spirit of Unskinny Bop more than any other band – a Frankenstein’s monster of a band assembled from pieces of their favourite subcultures (bubblegum pop, punk, horrorbilly, hair metal, 60s girl groups, 50s rock’n’roll and of course a smidgen of goth) with songs about blood, beheading a prom queen, building a monster and anal probes. ZATS deliver radio-friendly pop smashes while also being funny as hell and punk as fuck. We’ve been fans of this band since they played their first London gig in 2001 and we are still right there with them. Their fifth album Charnel House Rock, a short and sweet burst of fast, heavy swampy delights has just been released. The Negative Zone is our current favourite on the new album, it’s got some kinda early Blondie thing going on which we are obviously partial to at Team Bop, killer harmonies and there is repeated use of the words “urge” and “slay” which can only be a good thing in a pop song. As there is no link on youtube I’ve given you the bandcamp link PLUS a youtube of the album opener. Enjoy! And buy their albums!

Rae Spoon, I Will Be A Wall
we will grow tall and we’ll get away


It’s recently been Queer Christmas aka the BFI’s queer film festival now rebranded to be known as Flare. One of my highlights this year was a documentary film about Rae Spoon, who I haven’t really ever bothered listening to before for some unknown reason given that they are a schmindie genderqueer canadian weirdo with a penchant for a ukelele and about a year’s worth of youtube Beyonce and Rihanna covers. Anyway I saw the trailer for the film at the festival press launch and was hooked straight away. The album My Prairie Home which is kinda like the soundtrack / musical version of the film is basically a story of growing up queer in a super hostile environment. It’s dark in places, and sad, but it’s also amazingly hopeful. See the movie if you can!

Wah Watusi – The Orlons
get a-with this dance


This month we have been playing records at the wild insane wonderousness that is Hamburger Queen, a fat talent show and so much more. We try and make the records match the theme as best as possible, playing as many of our podge pop heroes as possible (Meat Loaf, Luther V, The Gossip, Aretha, Moldy Peaches etc.) as well as songs about food and shaking one’s stuff etc. I always seem to stumble across a version of the Watusi whilst doing my DJ prep and I have only just realised the reason behind this – in my mind the Watusi dance is actually the Walrus-i dance wherein people shake their flab in the style of a majestic Walrus! Now you too can share that wonderful image when you listen to the song, AND there is a lot of awesome dancing to get on board with in this video too. You can still (just!) get tickets for the last heat and the final of Hamburger Queen – this year is the last ever one so I extra specially URGE you to do so


Pitbull feat. Ke$ha – Timber
let’s make a night you won’t remember


I was hesitant at first, I mean for gods sake it’s a Pitbull song. Thing is thought, it is basically a modern day Cotton Eyed Joe for our times, and in the face of a novelty country pop song we are essentially powerless to resist. Imagining we will be bringing this hard over the next few months so my advise is relent, or take up smoking so you can nip out easy. I was gonna give you the remixed Kesha solo version in the name of decency, but I don’t really believe in half measures so here it is ALL IN.


Cut Your Hair – Pavement
did you see the drummer’s hair?


This month the Bop is a fundraiser for our amazing friends at Open Barbers, a queer hairdressing service for all genders who are raising money to go full time with this incredible project. We do love a song theme here at The Bop so I have been thinking about including songs with a barbering theme on Sat and this one is probably my best of the lot, 90s schmind with inscrutable lyics, and it’s also the kind of thing I can imagine them playing at Open Barbers, they always have a lovely soundtrack.

March 2014
MARCH 2014

In March we are celebrating our TENTH YEAR as a regular disco. To celebrate we have got a “guest” blogger, the Bop’s Artistic Director, Brand Manager, Chief Wielder of the Staple Gun, Backbone and Conscience, our beloved BILL SAVAGE. YAY! *nb if you read this and realise you need more Savage in your life you can get yr hands on their INCREDIBLE Pamzines over at Sister Ectoplasma distro*

My Bop Ten Years Top Ten
By Bill Savage

In the ten years (TEN YEARS!) the Bop has been offering regular disco dancing opportunities for people like me (i.e., those who are basically too uncool/fat/queer/weird to feel comfortable jiggling uncoordinatedly on most dancefloors, but also totally unwilling to become less uncool/fat/queer/weird in order to fit in) certain songs have become indelibly associated in my head with the Bop. Cutting said songs down to just 10 has been…a challenge, but here are my most Bop top ten tunes:

1. The Breeders – ‘Drivin’ on 9’
you could be a shadow

Most people have probably never actually heard this song at the Bop, but for much of the last 10 years it’s been on Rudy’s trusty warm up CD and is the sound of Bop set up. Like all other Breeders songs I have no idea what it is actually about, but it is the perfect soundtrack to the pre-disco rituals of blu-takking and staple-gunning.

2. Tegan and Sara – ‘I Hear Noises’
sad sick people like me

The combination of twee-ish schmindie guitar and the intense whiff of lesbian melodrama makes this perfect early evening Bop material. When I hear ‘I Hear Noises’ now it instantly conjures a half-full Bop of shyly shuffling be-fringed lesbians… in that beautiful moment before they all get shit-faced and fall over.

3. Dolly Parton – ‘Baby I’m Burning’
hot as a pistol of flaming desire

The Dolly Bop in 2005 yielded some of the finest fancy dress in Bop history. Queers look good in Country drag. There are at least a dozen Dolly songs that could be on this list, but ‘Baby I’m Burning’ is disco Dolly at her best. There’s also a heat motif which brings me to…

3. Missy Elliott – ‘Work It’
I make you hot as Las Vegas weather


In the early days of the Bop at the Pleasure Unit, the number one preoccupation of Boppers was the heat. There was no escape from it – no air-conditioning, no nipping outside for cooling fag breaks (pre-smoking ban), and the ceiling was way lower in them days too. The sweat literally ran down the walls and for some reason ‘Work It’ is the song that most strongly evokes that feeling of never having been so hot in your life.


5. Christina Aguilera – ‘Dirrty’
it’s about time for my arrival


The power of the Bops is that they can take a song you find morally and aesthetically repugnant and make you dance to it. I was extremely pompously opposed to Xtina’s female-chauvinist-piggery-with-leather-chaps when this song came out, but a year later there I was at the Bop drenched in sweat yelling along. I will never, ever feel this way about ‘Jenny from the Block’ however.


6. Yo Majesty – ‘Club Action’
I said get yr ass on the floor

This is one of the many many amazing songs/artists that the Bop has introduced me to over the years (see also M.I.A. and Tegan and Sara). My standard MO here involves sidling over to Rudy during a song like this to ask what it is and drop hints about how I could do with a new mix CD. Works every time.


7. M.I.A. – ‘Galang’
London calling speak the slang

Apart from being one of the best songs ever recorded (fact), ‘Galang’ is the sound of 2000s London (also, fact). In the context of the Bop it is one of the few M.I.A. songs it is actually possible to dance to. Have you tried dancing to ‘Bring the Noize’? I’ve seen it done, but only once.


8. Dusty Springfield – ‘Love Power’
we got something burning inside

Anyone who fails to feel uplifted by ‘Love Power’ has obviously got something very wrong with them. Pretty much sums up everything that’s brilliant about the Bop, queer life and finding your people.


9. Le Tigre – ‘Keep on Livin’’
this is your time, this is your life

Everyone still knows all the words…


10. The Gossip – ‘Standing in the Way of Control’
because we’re standing in the way of control, we will live our lives

There aren’t many songs that speak to and from the experience of fat queerness, and even fewer that can bring a dancefloor together in joyous sweaty union, and this is why, for me ‘Standing in the Way of Control’ is the ultimate Bop anthem. I still get actual chills whenever I hear it.



DJ Fresh vs. Fay Jay (feat. Ms Dynamite) – Dibby Dibby Sound
bad vibes we tell them goodbye

SO EXCITED TO DJ THIS! Basically from the first listen, 5 seconds in I knew this was a Bop Classic about to happen.


Joan Jett – Hanky Panky
hey pretty baby can I take you home

I wanted to post the orig version of this by Tommy James and the Shondelles but there isn’t a good version on YouTube so here’s some Joan Jett, YEAH. Whenever I DJ this I always have a mild panic that I will end up playing the Madonna song Hanky Panky instead! We DJ from mix CDs collected over the twelve odd years we’ve been DJing together so even though this sounds like an irrational fear it could actually happen – we’ve fantasised about putting on a night where we only play the worst song on each of the Bop CDs, hopefully Madonna’s HP will not be played (in public) by me until then. In the meantime more dumb r&r from me, my fave.


João Brasil feat. Lovefoxxx – L.O.V.E. Banana
do you love bananas as much as I do?

Last weekend I went to the rollerderby for the first time in years, and got to see the amazing London Rollergirls cheerleading squad The Jeerios for the first time ever. The half time cheer involved this song and a man dressed in a banana suit. Incredibly, I had never heard this song before even though it is basically me by numbers in terms of being super catchy, kinda dumb bubblegum pop music, but I guess I lost touch with Lovefoxx’s work after I got over my brief and enjoyable CSS obsession. And I am old and out of touch. ANYWAY, I am very glad this has now come into my life, and that it will now forever remind me of the joy of watching the most badass chicks in town knocking each other over for points.


Dog Legs – Toot Toot Hey
I had rhythm in my feet, cuz she called out to me

Poundshop pop for bedroom dancing YEAH! This song for me evokes that thing of seeing cool weirdy kids around town and daydreaming about becoming super best friends with them and going on adventures and feeling so alive….basically, what happened with all of the people I now consider close friends. Awww. Lucky Rudy.


Denise Lasalle – My Toot Toot
you’re gonna be special, you sweet little toot toot

See what I did there with the toot toots? Bonkers daft 80s pop weirdness. It’s kinda sad records like this don’t get made any more, but we are doing our best to keep them alive. You’re welcome.


Bobbie Gentry – Reunion
mama can I huh

Like most people I guess, I first became aware of Bobbie Gentry through the flawless Ode to Billy Joe, which I first heard in the car with my Dad when I was a teenager and has subsequently become a Bop Family Standard due to Tamsin Bop’s STUNNING karaoke version which has been known to move me to tears. My excellent friend Penny who used to run the best record shop in Sheffield got me into the broader back catalogue and when me and Tamsin first met her greatest hits was one of the things I remember listening to together a lot along with The Gossip and The Moldy Peaches and Low. Have rediscovered this song recently due to this incredible compilation which Tamsin got for Christmas. The whole thing is highly recommended.


Beyonce – XO
kiss me, before they turn the lights out

Ok so remember how I said last month how I was ambivalent about the new Beyonce? So, my sister gave me some excellent advice about how it was a multi-sensory experience and I couldn’t just listen but had to watch the videos and I basically was all “blah blah whatev”. But then I saw the XO vid and it all made sense and I fell full scale back in love. I think it’s the combo of such a full on night time song with daylight summertime joy in the video. The song is basically the romance of 3am, being fucked up and in love and having your love there to go home with. The video is all hot days in summer swooning over your friendships and how great your skin looks that day and your new crush. Dreamy dreamy combo. Still got no idea how it will sound on a dancefloor, but looking forward to finding out.


Blondie – Danceway
be my satellite, secret information

I have no memory of ever knowing anything about Blondie until two records mysteriously ended up in my bedroom, Parallel Lines and Plastic Letters. I listened to them both every night for about a year, soundtracking my GCSE art homework (“self portrait in blue” which was actually a painting of Edward Furlong, ha ha). Anyway, I listened to these records with almost no context, I probably only knew of Debbie Harry through her role in Hairspray, and it was only much later that I actually explored more of the back catalogue. I still don’t know The Hunter, the album this is from, especially well. It’s good to have something you know you will utterly LOVE kept in reserve for when you need it though and I am looking forward to that day when it comes. I could watch Debbie Harry dance forever.


Liz Phair – (Fire Up The) Batmobile
you made me see that my behavior was an opinion

OK, so unlikely we will ever play this at a disco being that it is all sad and gloomy and so on but hell, it’s winter and we need something to soundtrack our discontent. I never got big into Liz Phair in the 90s but I think I should have. Heard this for the first time really recently when I watched the short documentary Dirty Girls about a gang of misfit 13 year old girls trying to make it through high school whilst being vilified by their peers for not fitting in. The film is great but especially this song just captures everything about feeling trapped in a time and place that doesn’t get you and doesn’t want to.


Joanna Gruesome – Madison
that’s when you sit and watch me drown

We posted a Johanna Gruesome song last month but this band is Tamsin Bop’s latest obsessive crush, and she has been listening to them almost non stop all month so you’re getting another! This is from their most recent London gig at Power Lunches which we wanted to go to but couldn’t due to fresh tattoos, hangovers and DJ commitments. We cried. *nb I keep thinking this song is called Miranda, feeling very proud of myself to have corrected the title in this post. Also the lyrics are almost impossible to make out so if the quote is incorrect I apologise, feel free to write in*
That’s it for now! Next month we will be celebrating ten years as a monthly disco (party details coming soon) so the mixtape will probs be some kinda retrospective. Hope you enjoyed, see you on the dancefloor! x



Hospitality – I Miss Your Bones

We’ve been beset by illness at Bop HQ over the past couple months and have spent a lot of time laying around and while doing so have discovered some sonic treats courtesy of the wonderful people at Radio 6 Music. This is my best of their playlist, which suddenly includes way more female vox than I remember. Melodic, slightly shouty girl song (basically my best type of music).

Beyonce – Love on Top

Am not sure how I feel about the new Beyonce record…it’s impressive in loads of ways but I can’t help but feel a bit sad about the lack of full on dancefloor winners the likes of which we have become accustomed to. Anyway, while debating this I’ve had this old gem running around my head so here is is a special gift from me to you!

Bette Midler – Friends

Our amazing friend Eva Monkey is reputedly working on putting out a zine all about Bette. We can not wait. OH BETTE.

The Blow – Make it Up

Being that it is January and everything is a bit rubbish I have been listening to a lot of contemplative / wistful type music recently, and have been listening to The Blow’s older more acousticy stuff and thinking about learning to play some of it on ukulele. But also crushing on the new stuff super hard, and this is particularly super swoonsome.

Lizzo – Paris

Batches & Cookies is still taking the roof off at the Bop and doesn’t seem to show any sign of stopping. This is Lizzo’s most recent offering. “Have you ever been to Paris, at night? Nether have I”. I think I might love her a bit.

Shopping – Long Way Home

We were very excited to play this song at the last Bop, then all three members of the band showed up (!) and we felt it might be a bit much. So am posting it here instead. Rachel Aggs is basically the most important musician of our generation and we love everything she ever does. Lovely video too, props to the choreographer!

Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack

Finally got round to watching the Ray Charles biopic with Jamie Foxx (Ray) over Christmas after taping it off the telly years ago. I was very shocked and appalled to realise while watching it that we have NEVER played Hit the Road Jack at the Bop! Has now been rectified do not worry boppers.

The Younger Lovers – Hey Now

Having full on deathly January blues right now, but this lovely new(ish) vid is getting me through. Brontez, what a QT. I have never seen this band play as was DJing elsewhere the only time they came to the UK. I hope they come back one day.

Disclosure feat. Mary J Blige – F For You


Shannon and The Clams – Hey Willy

This album and especially this song has been non stop on Bop Towers record player since we saw them play in the Autumn, our fave gig of the year. Still swooning on Shannon and devising living room dance routines daily to this.

Joanna Gruesome – Secret Surprise

This is making Tamsin Bop’s tweexcore heart explode all over the place

t.A.T.u – All The Things She Said

LAST ONE. Sigh. Our guest DJ Alex Creep played this at the last Bop, one of only a handful of times we have ever played it in the club. No idea why as it is a stone cold classic dancefloor joy. Maybe because of how much we overplayed it when it came out. We had a house party around the time of its release and we must have played it 20 times. Oh, the 00s.