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Playlist, Summer 2015

Mini youtube playlist featuring the Family Bop’s current top picks, bookended by Ezra Furman our current family favourite and featuring DIY punx, drag superstars, gender fluid mainstream popstars go folksy and a little bit of rock & roll. Come dance to these and more!



Here at Bop HQ we have been from the start and remain in love with pop music. From the sublime to the ridiculous, our hearts belong to the popular song. This new page is not exactly a playlist more of a musical manifesto, including some of our current obsessions new and old to get you in the mood for The Bop and/or provide a soundtrack for post-Bop comedown. Not all the music we like is deemed “Boppable” so some of the stuff on these lists will be more laid back / deathly depressing than you would normally hear at our discos, but hopefully you will enojoy them on here nonetheless. You will find old mixtapes here if you want more. Enjoy!