In August 2010 with the invaluable help of a great many friends and colleagues, we put on MORE CRACKERS PLEASE!, a benefit for Ladyfest Ten at Bethnal Green Library in East London. The as-yet-unreleased Le Tigre tour documentary was screened to an audience of over 100, with fundraising stalls selling zines, crafts and Le Tigre-themed goods. All guests were invited afterwards to be filmed for a music video in front of Dr Bill Savage’s beautiful, giant backdrop of queer/feminist cultural ephemera and sing live, in one take, the Le Tigre song Keep On Livin’, in groups or individually.

Many lovely friends, Boppers and total strangers joined in to sing the song. The film was edited superfast by Eva Monkey and Dawn Crumpler, and we submitted it within a week to the Le Tigre karaoke music video contest. The result is above. We may not have won the contest but we’re massively proud of the video as a good-looking, hot-sounding record of the UK queer feminist community we are lucky to be part of, and we still feel a bit overcome when we watch it several hundred views later. It was filmed in HD so please view in 720p for the best image. For more information on the film or to screen it at your local feminist/queer film festival, feel free to get in touch through the usual channels.