Sat 17th June
Star of Bethnal Green
£5 (£3 before 11 & concessions)
free all night for refugees & asylum seekers

BACK to put the bomp in the bompalomp and the ram in the ramalamadingdong!

We play:
25% :: good pop and r’n’b
25% :: riot grrrl, punk, indie
25% :: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s
25% :: camp
All measurements are approximate. GIRLS TO THE FRONT.

What is Unskinny Bop?

Unskinny Bop is a queer disco for fatz, fagz and freakz of all persuasions. We play pop, rock’n’roll, girl groups, r’n’b, disco, punk etc etc etc. Lots of lovely people tend to come. Our friend Dr. Bill Savage makes amazing handmade posters. (You can steal the small photocopied ones, if you must, but please not the cut’n’paste collages.) We tend to get full up very early, and we really hate queues so please come early! Alex (Ghost School/Creep Club) is our regular guest deejay. He is a beacon of joy in our miserable lives. If you’re planning a birthday party at the Bop, let us know *in advance* if you have particular song requests so we can try to accommodate them.

Occasional Saturdays at the Star of Bethnal Green
£5 / £3 (concessions/early entry)
Star of Bethnal Green
359 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 6LG
Come early to be sure of getting in…